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What Our Company Offers

ADM-Live is a software solution-kit that allows organizations to move from paper based forms to browser-enabled PDFs. Applicants can complete the PDFs, e-sign, e-pay and submit online.

Organizations currently using PDF writer can save the form files but not data. If web applications are used, data can be saved but not the form files. That's what makes us different. We store the original user submitted PDF form as well as the user entered data.

  • ADM-Live enables client's existing forms
  • Signed and submitted forms are delivered to database as PDFs and stored electronically
  • All data entered on the form is extracted and stored, enabling easy reporting, analysis, content-based search and retrieval

Our software has a built-in workflow allowing users to review, edit, and approve data electronically. Once approved, form is automatically routed to the next approver. Workflows are completely customizable.

  • Customer can create multi-step approval workflows
  • View approvals and/or changes made, audit tracking to see who signed off and when
  • Once all approvals are met, the forms are stored in e-vaults and stay their as per their retention schedule

ADM is an complete end-to-end Forms Lifecycle Management solution providing a highly scalable service to any size business.

ADM-Live was initially developed for a Department of Defense contractor that needed an efficient solution to track compliance certifications for their 85000 suppliers, a process previously managed on paper forms. Using ADM-Live, the contractor now has a fully automated, scalable, highly secure system that meets all compliance system requirements.